Friday, March 16, 2018

12:30 – 5 pm – Playground & Park

Visit our official WAT&A webpage at:

The Walk-A-Thon & Auction (WAT&A) is our annual fundraising and community event where students, parents, teachers, staff, and local businesses all come together to support our school community. It’s about raising money for our school, promoting physical activity, spending time with friends and family, and most importantly, it is about HAVING FUN!!


100% of the funds raised in the WAT&A are used to enhance our school and make it an even better learning environment for our children. Our goal for 2017 is to raise $110,000! The PTA funds the FAME arts program, technology for classrooms, MacLab, physical education instructors, garden program, parent education nights, and many other educational activities that help make Cherry Chase a fabulous school for our children.

The WAT&A raises money in three ways:

  • Pledge Money Collected by the Students (~60%)
  • Revenue from T-shirt Sponsors, the Auction and Raffle (~30%)
  • Food Sales (~10%)
Visit our 2017 WAT&A website at for more information on how to:
  • Collect Pledges
  • Bid in the Online Auction
  • Purchase tickets for the event
  • Volunteer at the event (we need ~300 event day volunteers)
  • Earn Prizes
All event details are also included in the WAT&A Pledge and Information Packet. Download a copy here.

Plan to take all or part of the day off from work to help make this a HUGE success for our school. We can’t do it without your support! Event day volunteer information will be available closer to the event. Learn more about the 2017 WAT&A, create an online pledge page, bid in the auction, and sign-up to volunteer, buy tickets, and more at

Questions? Please contact WAT&A Chair Kelly Hamburger at or our Special Events VP at

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