Fine Arts Mini-Experience (FAME) is an in-class art and music program taught by parent volunteers.

What is FAME?

The FAME (Fine Arts Mini Experience) program is an in-class program where parent volunteers (called docents) lead a 1 hour art experience for the students. Each of the 6 lessons will highlight a famous artist, composer, and include an art project that the students complete during the lesson.

How Does It Work?

Parent volunteers (called docents) attend a one-hour training meeting before each lesson. At the meeting, docents learn how to present the artist, composer and art project. No prior knowledge of art or music is necessary! The first of six in-class lessons will start in September 2016; each teaching period is approximately 4-6 weeks in length. Docents and teachers coordinate the best time for the presentation in the classroom. FAME materials are mobile and stored on a cart in the FAME closet (in the Multi). Volunteers join the FAME yahoo group for scheduling and other details.

What Will the Children Learn?

Students learn foundational art and music elements from some of history’s great artists. They listen, view and discuss famous pieces using technical criteria, developing students into analytical spectators who can ultimately discern shades of quality and artistic trends. Students extend their learning by creating an original piece of art which demonstrates the lesson’s focal element(s).

Who Decides What is Taught?

FAME is a set, 5-year curriculum developed by educator Kathryn Sherrod, the purpose of which is to familiarize students with well-known artists, composers, and their works, especially as they have influenced American culture. The PTA purchased the curriculum 16 years ago, and a dedicated leadership team of parent volunteers coordinates the materials and docent trainings.

When are the Training Meetings?

The 2016-2017 FAME Docents’ meetings will be held at 7:00 pm in the Cherry Chase Multi on these dates:

  • Monday, September 12 – Lesson 1
  • Monday, November 7 – Lesson 2
  • Monday, January 9 – Lesson 3
  • Monday, February 13 – Lesson 4
  • Monday, March 27 – Lesson 5
  • Monday, May 1 – Lesson 6

How Can I Learn More?

Be sure to check with your child’s teacher about when the class’ lesson is scheduled. We welcome you to come and observe the lesson!  If you are (or know anyone who may be) interested in joining this exceptional program and being a part of your children’s lives at the school (repeat: no art or music experience necessary…just enthusiasm!), please contact Kimberly MacAskill at or Amy Moore at

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